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Read everything about our users test of Ass Savers Speed Mullet & Mudder Mini.

In cooperation with Ass Savers we are now looking for gravel cyclists to try two of their new products: Speed Mullet and Mudder Mini. Gravel cyclists of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to apply to test one of the products.


  • We think that you a gravel cyclist that have some experience from this type of product
  • You whould use the product in at least 2-3 cycling sessions per week, preferably in wet and muddy conditions
  • This test is open for EU residents

Number of cyclists

Ten testers will be selected for each product in this test.


The test will start mid july and commence during approx 4 weeks.

The task

We want you to use the product in your daily routine, whether it is riding with your friends or racing. We want you to evaluate how well the product works for your type of activity in terms of installation, ease of use and performance.

About Ass Savers

Speed Mulletmullet front mudguard-2The front mudguard that will keep your feet happy! Mounts in seconds on basically any bike, regardless of frame size or cables. The long downward reach make sure it’s busy were it really counts.

Universal fit

The attachment of the SPEED MULLET is done in seconds with a single 2-in-1 velcro strap. Big fat carbon frame or thin steel frame doesn’t matter. The design of the folds makes sure that correct angle is achieved every time on every bike.

Cable management

What puts the SPEED MULLET above the rest is the cable routing feature. Utilizing two shallow channels to let the cables pass between the frame and mudguard, it’s compatible with the majority of existing cable combinations.

Use it anywhere

Wether you are dodging traffic in a wet downtown rush hour or grinding the endless gravel in the rain, the SPEED MULLET is your new haircut.

Mudder mini

Ass Savers Mudder mini web 02

  • Protecting face and headset bearings
  • Mounts easy and securely with antislip straps
  • Fits all cross/gravel forks
  • Super lightweight, only 21 grams
  • Suitable for tire widths 32-55 mm

As the gravel segment expands, cyclists face new challenges. The issue of having dirt thrown in your face is a well known problem among mountain bikers. With huge clearances for wide tires in the front fork, gravel riders are now facing a similar issue.

While mountain bikers are used to mud, gravel bikers face a different challenge. Anyone who has ridden on a wet gravel road is familiar with the mixture of fine sand and water that seems to be designed especially to seek and destroy bearings, not to mention what it does to your eyes on a long ride.

The MUDDER Mini is here to offer relief for your face and headset bearing. Simply mount it to your fork legs just above your front tire and you will dramatically reduce the amount of spray in the critical areas. The MUDDER Mini attaches with innovative adjustable anti-slip straps to guarantee an instant and perfect fit on all fork sizes.

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  1. Thanks to BikeJungle and Ass Savers, I tested the Speed Mullet for several weeks.

    When the package from Stockholm arrived, Scotland was in the grip of an extended heatwave- potential problem for trialling an innovative mudguard if you have no mud. Ordinarily, Scottish summers have spells of weather that can be described in Scots as ‘dreich’. Grey, damp, cool days. Often with a breeze driving rain at you. There might even be some mist in there too. Thankfully normal service resumed the day after I received the Mullet in the post. Phew.

    My everyday ride is a Planet X Uncle John, the precursor to their current range of CX and gravel/adventure bikes. Uncle John isn’t my lightest or fastest or shiniest ride. But it’s the bike I most want to ride because it’s my Go Anywhere, Do Anything bike. So yeah, it’s a gravel bike.

    The Mullet comes with creases machined into the plastic – fold, tuck and velcro onto your frame. Worth reading the instructions and even looking at You Tube for direction though – there’s a couple of tucks that are a little origami-like. The Mullet secures with velcro to hang vertically behind your front wheel. Keeps water/mud off you and your bike. Simple. For bikes with cabling on the downtube, there’s two channels to run your cables over and foam helps protect your paintjob. Uncle John has cabling along the top tube, so no worries there. Fitting was done in about 5 minutes.

    But how does it work in the real world? Day after fitting I did a 35 mile ride on country roads – some nice tarmac, some totally nuked tarmac. The Mullet stayed put. Great. Edinburgh, where I work, has lots of cobbled streets – your very own Roubaix every day! Again, no issues for the Mullet. Aha, but what about bona fides gravel? I have some long, gravelly detours I build into my commute to work when I feel the need to escape traffic. These trails are muddy – the Mullet was ideal at keeping splatter off. On windy days, the Mullet did flex and touch the tyre – but being pretty flexy it didn’t snap or warp or cause any major drama. In seven weeks or so I’ve had to tighten the velcro once.

    I’ve been using the Mullet with a repurposed MTB enduroguard type thing under the fork crown (protects my headset) and an Ass Saver mudguard out back. Together this combo keeps the worst of the filth off me and the bike. Is it like a full length fixed mudguard set up with flaps and all? No, of course not. But then, I wouldn’t be inclined to ride gravel trails/singletrack on a bike with fixed guards- too much scope for stuff fouling in the guards and all kinds of unhappiness from that. This is a great set-up for adventuresome days out and spring, summer and autumn riding.

    Go get one…or two…

  2. I have tested out the mudder mini (front mud guard).

    On first unpacking the mud guard I was impressed with the lack of unnecessary packaging, by this I mean no packaging at all. These days this is an unusual but important USP. The instructions printed on the underside of the mud guard, the detachable barcode and the ability to make everything out of 100% recyclable materials all hints that this manufacturer really cares about protecting the environment they enjoy riding in.

    Fitting the guard to my bike took only 57 seconds and didn’t require any expensive tools. A clever Velcro attachment system means no screws/cable ties, helping eliminate damage to the paintwork of your precious investment. I’ve had Velcro attached products in the past and haven’t been impressed, as they’ve tended to slide around due to vibration. Ass savers have solved this issue by making the back of the Velcro out of a tacky plastic compound which keeps the guard in place even on the roughest of rides!

    Another massive positive is the overall look of the subtle design! The guard I tested came in black with subtle green Ass Savers writing on the side. It’s very rare that an additional product can add to the overall look of your bike, but I think this product may just have ticked that box. My bike has a black & green paint job and so this guard had just the right balance of design and colour without being too loud and distracting.

    As for whether it works or not, the answer is Yes! It does what it should, blocking grit/mud from both your face and protecting your bikes headset. Staying gripped in place ride after ride. To summarize a well thought out product that works, and is worth being seriously considered when you next need a new front mudguard.

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